The Best Fishing & Seafood Festival in Florida

Major Fishing Festivals in Florida

Everyone enjoy festivals. Great food, incredible music, and fun games provide the ideal excuse to gather with family or friends to celebrate topical culture, art, cuisine and the outdoors.

In Florida, there are several large fishing festivals, where you can taste practically any fish of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as go fishing yourself. We will tell you about two festivals – Cortez Fishing Festival � Fall Family Fishing Festival.

Cortez Fishing Festival

In 1981 the first festival drew 500 people to this little fishing village on Florida’s beautiful west coast. They gathered to feast Florida’s successful seafood industry – its past achievements and its future goals.

Since then the celebration has grown from a single day event to two days with a large attendance of 20,000. Taking into the account that the entire settlement is less than 10 quarters, that’s a lot of guests for the village.

There are only a few places left in Florida such as Cortez. As you curtail the main street into the village it is apparent that you are going back in time. The houses are little cottages with collections of private boats and gear in the gardens. As you go two quarters down to the shoreline you see a number of fish houses where nearby fishermen sell their fish. Cortez is disposed on the northern side of Sarasota Bay and it may be one of the loveliest places on earth.

While visitors are stepping back in time, they will at the same time be looking to the future, assisting the FISH Preserve to prosper for generations. Even famous ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau has defended the idea.

To help make as much revenue as possible for the reason, the festival engages revelers to congregate lengthwise the Sarasota Bay shore weekend for live music, foam dancing, boat rides, marine life discussions and displays, children’s games, nautical-themed compositions by more than 50 artists and masters, and plenty of nearby caught seafood. Cortez dwellers will share and demonstrate their heritage and cultural pride in a true old-Florida, coastal setting.


Fall Family Fishing Festival

The family-oriented yearly fishing festival combines fishing with fall activities, like casting for pumpkins competition and pumpkin decorating. The festival also includes fly fishing guide, demonstrations, and open-air exhibits by local fishing communities. Fishing tools are not necessary. Loaner equipment is available on a first-come, first-served base.

This fun-filled celebration is designed to present families to the outdoors, the process of fishing and the significance of being stewards of Florida’s limnetic ecosystems. Hands-on events include fishing in the pristine reservoirs of the Withlacoochee River, wild nature encounters, fishery learning stations and carnival activities. There are raffles for gamblers, free rods with reels for the early 250 youth participants, face drawings, crafts, vendor displays and a lot of other features – all at no cost for festival attendees.

Additionally, to fishing, guests can learn about fish types, fishing equipment and secrets, fisheries management, angling morals and aquatic bionomics. The festival will also feature wild nature encounters assured by the Suncoast Primate Sanctum and Wild Transport. Come to this festival to enjoy carnival games, tasty fish, and numerous activities.


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